The family company Klaas de Poel B.V. is renown for supplying bread and cake bakeries and nuts shops. The company has been located in Stroobos, The Netherlands since its foundation in 1957. It now has over 24.000 cubic meters of storage and production facilities.

Many production companies hold very little stock. The slogan 'just in time, ready to use' is more and more applicable. To be able to adequatly and quickly supply our customers, we carry out the transport ourselves. If we really cannot deliver it ourselves we rely on the services of a reliable transportation partner.

We have acquired a permanent position in the market for supplying the whole bakery industry in The Netherlands. We're experts in pre-processing dried fruits for bread baking. We want to keep solidifying and where possible expanding this expert position in the near future. We don't intend to consolidate our position but actively change our processes and products (i.e. innovate) to keep up with changing market demands, and where possible help set the pace. We invest heavily in our people and production resources.

Interested to see what that means for you or your company, or do you want to discuss possible collaboration? Don't hesitate to contact us!

We have a Dutch saying that translates as "To stand still is to go backwards". All our employees are highly skilled in their area of expertise many of them are with us for years and years. In order to keep being the best in our profession our personnel is kept up-to-date through courses and excursions (e.g. to customers or industry partners). Our drivers who deliver your ingredients are very skilled in their job and are no stranger to the food safety regulations in your company.



Groningerstreek 25
9871 PG Stroobos
The Netherlands