Currants originally come from Greece. Nowadays Greece is still the main producer of this product.

Greece has three main varieties: Vostizza, Gulf and Provincials. The Vostizza come from the Aegion region, Gulf from the Korinth district and Provincials come from the area of Patras, Kalamata en the islands. The Netherlands is mainly in the market for Gulf currants which have strong skins and can be processed better. Vostizza and Provincial qualities are much used in Great Brittain, these have softer skins.

For over 30 years Klaas de Poel imports currants from the Korinth region. We often inspect our suppliers in that area to ensure quality. All suppliers of currants work according to HACCP and BRC norms.

In our cleaning facility in The Netherlands we clean the currants if necessary, for more information, see the Processing page.