The family company Klaas de Poel B.V. is renown for supplying bread and cake bakeries and nuts shops. The company has been located in Stroobos, The Netherlands since its foundation in 1957. It now has over 24.000 cubic meters of storage and production facilities.

Owner and director of the company is mr. Siebolt de Poel. Since the foundation the company has grown to approx 25 employees. The purchasing and sales departments are run by the board and three employees. Logistics and storage is managed by a team of 10 people, while the production department also consists of 10 employees. As a staff department, the quality assurance team with three qualified enigeers, operates next to other departments.

For our clients, mainly in The Netherlands and surrounding countries, we buy the best products that are worldwide available. Also many craft bakeries are part of our customer base as well as a great number of companies operating in the general food branche.