Imagine you produce a multigrain bread. The ratio of seeds and grains you add to the product is very specific. You take every ingredient, weigh it and add it to the dough. It's a precise job, because you cannot afford to forget an ingredient and you need to be especially careful not to add too much of that one expensive ingredient.

How can you guarantee a consistent ratio; weight- and money-wise? Your core business is baking bread, not endlessly mixing ingredients, right? So why not outsource that particular step in the process?

We can create a bespoke mix, with ingredients specified by you in any desired ratio. We'll make sure is a homogeneous mix in a packaging to your liking (paper bag, box or bigbag), with weight and possibly a product name specified by you. With this product you buy an easy-to-use, tailor-made, risk-lowering ingredient for your final product.