You only want to work with the best products available and we'll make sure you get those. We control every step of the process, which in our case starts with Purchasing. It means we visit our suppliers in the country of origin, we inspect their processes and inspect the products at Receiving in our warehouse.

If we process the products or mix them with other products, we manage and control all subprocesses and process steps. For example, we meet all the requirements of BRC (British Retail Consortium). This food safety norm is focussed on European retail and production companies. The BRC certificate proofs we fully control all food safety aspects of the purchasing>production>storage>transportation chain.

We're also certified for RiskPlazaAudit+. Through this norm all raw materials hazards are demonstrably controlled, by means of a chain guarantee system. For you it means more security, less administrative hassle. For example: you don't need to perform an extensive purchasing verification for our company. Mentioning we're RiskPlazaAudit+ certified is sufficient.

Organic products and processes involved with them are subject to strict, legal regulations. We comply to all those regulations, and as proof we've received the BIO-certificate.

Our Quality Team continuously improves the quality control system in order to realise the best possible quality of products and processes. Contact us if you have any questions about Quality and Quality Control. To your right you'll find our most recent Certificates.